For officers who are not graduating seniors, we recommend remaining in your position for the time being for continuity of leadership.

Graduating seniors may have their elected positions voted on using SurveyLegend. Brothers are encouraged to campaign using group chats, email, and internal social media. Sign up for a free account, share the vote link with all members using the OmegaFi Mass-Communication tool, and collect everyone’s vote. The whole process takes 10 minutes to set up. If you have any questions, please reach out!

All positions that are appointed may be re-appointed. If an election cannot be held, please consult your chapter’s Bylaws. We recommend having the highest-ranking chapter officer appoint interim leaders until a full election may be held.

After the election, host a virtual transition retreat to discuss the operations of the chapter (finances, marketing, morale, communication), planning for fall 2020, and organizing any response resources to handle current circumstances. Be sure to prepare position handbooks and any/all documentation accrued during a position’s tenure.

For more information or recommendations, please use our support form or contact your chapter consultant.