Your chapter consultant is happy to point you in the right direction. Please call or email him for support, recommendations, or to provide an update.

Getting started

  • The chapter’s executive council should continue to meet during their regularly scheduled meeting time through platforms such as Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts. Be sure to utilize established communication methods outside of meetings, such as GroupMe, iMessage groups, and Snap groups. Some universities may provide a premium Zoom account free-of-charge, however all Zoom meeting restrictions for basic accounts have been lifted temporarily.
  • Be sure to keep your chapter advisor updated as well. Consider including advisors in the weekly executive council meetings.
  • For chapter meetings, we recommend setting an account through a free live streaming service such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, etc. There are other options here. From there, we suggest distributing the link to the entire membership.

Setting the meeting

It is encouraged that the chapter or colony and executive council meet on the same day and at the same time it usually would. Send a calendar invite using Google Calendar or in your OmegaFi chapter calendar that can be found in Vault.

What to discuss

We recommend continuing to operate as the chapter or colony normally would. Focus your efforts on various programs to start planning for fall 2020. Make sure that all officers are updated in OmegaFi Vault to ensure ease of communication and reporting.
Recommended Operations Topics:
  • Scheduling late spring or fall initiations
  • Creating communication plan
  • Planning out fall 2020 semester
Possible events include:

Dues & finances

Please refer to the PIKE FAQs for more information regarding dues and finances during the COVID-19 outbreak. For specific questions, please reach out to your chapter consultant. 

Planning events

The health and safety of our members comes first and foremost in all operations of a chapter/colony. We encourage chapters/colonies to follow all federal, state, local, and university guidelines regarding social distancing and group congregations. While it might be tempting to still host various upcoming events, we suggest exploring options that would postpone or cancel any upcoming events this spring semester/quarter.

Regarding planning, we encourage officers/chairmen to use their time wisely and build programming, scheduling, and documentation to help in the summer and fall. For example, hosting a recruitment retreat with your committee over a virtual platform would be ideal. During this meeting, the committee could brainstorm recruitment events for the fall, strategize name generation tactics, discuss roles and responsibilities, and set the budget.

Planning for the future

  • We understand the future is unknown and unpredictable at the moment. Now is the time more than ever for all fraternities to innovate with Pi Kappa Alpha leading the way. Brainstorm with the executive council on how members can still be a part of the process through virtual meetings and discussions. Engage in GroupMe and group chats. Set a calendar for fall 2020 that includes philanthropy, social events, and community service. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your consultant.
  • Consider areas of operations that the executive council wished they had time to do, but never seem to get it on the agenda. Work on bylaws revisions, organizing chapter archives and documents, developing transition documents, and organize brainstorming sessions to develop future chapter operations and goals.
  • Consider applying for International Fraternity awards by submitting a Year End Summary.
  • In tandem with your advisors, chapter consultant, and all chapter executives, develop a return plan for operations. Develop a calendar and task list to make sure every this is prepared for the remainder of spring 2020 and through the fall 2020 semester.

Creating an agenda

We recommend using an app such as Navigator or our templates to create an agenda for a smooth and orderly meeting.

Sending to the chapter

We highly recommend keeping the chapter informed during this time of uncertantly. We recommend recording the executive meeting to send to the chapter via OmegaFi’s mass-email tool found under the communications tab in Vault.

Relaying information to parents & alumni

We highly encourage keeping alumni and parents informed during the COVID-19 outbreak. Download marketing resources and press release templates from this website, or, build a website like this by contacting us using the support form.

For Presidents

Presidents should consider reaching out to each executive on the EC individually to discuss operations, position duties, and planning for fall 2020.

Executive Council Meetings

Execute on the basics. PIKE chapters are successful across North America is because we are resiliant and flexible with an intent focus on the basics.

During this crisis, we recommend holding executive meetings in the same format as normal chapter/colony operations would allow. The following are tips to help:

  • Explore virtual communication platforms (Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook, email, etc.).
  • Have an “Executive” folder in a cloud-based system (Google Drive) that all members of the executive board have access to.
  • Create the meeting agenda in a Google Doc. and allow everyone to have full access.
  • Fill in reports throughout the meeting utilizing the templates found below.

Resources to Review

Now is the opportunity to show leadership and resolve to your chapter membership. Consider reviewing the following resources to ensure a smooth and orderly executive and council meeting:

  • Executive Meeting Agenda (President Handbook)
  • Weekly Cabinet Reports (Vice President Handbooks)
  • Robert’s Rule of Order (Reference Garnet & Gold)