COVID-19 Chapter Marketing Resources

Download template statements regarding COVID-19 here:

For an easy and free platform to develop graphic content, consider Canva or Gimp, or Adobe Spark for free templates and guides. Some universities may provide free access to Adobe’s suite of applications as well to graphic design-related majors.

Find easy-to-use Fraternity graphics templates here.

View the Fraternity’s marketing resources here.

Marketing resources are a great tool to promote PIKE on your campus and ensure the chapter is reaching a broad audience. These resources can be used during scheduled house tours, recruitment events, and even a recruitment interview with an individual. The goal is to keep men thinking about PIKE, and specifically, your chapter. Marketing resources are a sure way of accomplishing this 

The content in these resources is just as relevant as the resource itself. Good material to include is facts about the International Fraternity, facts about the local fraternity, including athletics, philanthropy, community service, GPA, etc., the chapter’s recruitment schedule, and contact information. These resources could be brochures, business cards, sunglasses, pens, fliers, or even the quarterly issued Shield and Diamond. All these resources can be found at the PIKE Store on under ‘Chapter Supplies’ – Brochures, or under ‘Recruitment’ – Supplies. 

Marketing resources go beyond brochures and fliers as well. In this digital age, chapters must be taking advantage of every opportunity. The chapter’s social media platforms are a great way to reach men on their campus and incoming freshman. It is recommended that chapters create a recruitment-specific communication strategy to outline their social media posts. These posts may include highlights of brothers on campus, the chapter’s awards and achievements, the recruitment schedule, on-campus events, recruitment scholarship information, and anything else the chapter wishes to include. To view a sample content calendar and other marketing resources, visit the Chapter Marketing Tools page on 

If you would like consulting on developing a cost-effective website to communicate with members, parents, and alumni, please fill out this form.