Uninitiated men

Follow the recommendations made by your college/university regarding large gatherings and events for student organizations. If your university recommends canceling all in-person meetings/gatherings, chapter-sponsored events such as social events, brotherhood events, and philanthropy events should be considered non-essential. Consult with your chapter advisor and chapter attorney regarding any existing contracts for space and events.

All uninitiated men in the chapter should be initiated as-soon-as-possible; however, the chapter should always remain in full compliance of federal, state, and local ordinances including stay-at-home or quarantine and large gathering prohibition orders. The GreekLifeEDU requirement has been temporarily lifted to ease reporting. Please utilize proper health and safety measures during initiation, including utilizing a small team, hand sanitizer, clean coverings, and initiating one-at-a-time, dismissing each new initiate from the ceremony as soon as his ceremony is completed. For the latest information regarding health and safety with initiations, please refer to the PIKE COVID-19 FAQs

Ensure members are reported as initiates to the International Fraternity by submitting an initiation report in OmegaFi Vault. Remember to collect the $290 per initiate fee before initiation as assessments are still due upon receipt. Members should not be reported until they are initiated.

Remaining new member educational programming, including the True PIKE Experience, can be completed virtually using services such as Zoom or Google Hangouts and utilizing the resources found in the Resource Center.

Additional new member education resources can be found in the Membership Development category on the PIKE Blog.

If you have any questions or need assistance in transitioning to an online-based delivery of your chapter’s new member education, please contact your chapter consultant.

What to do if you can't initiate men

We highly recommend continuing new member education virtually. If initiation is not possible, please contact your chapter consultant to discuss possible summer and fall initiation schedules.